Contribute to the Resources


To contribute to the Resources with additions, improvements, criticism, or feedback, get in touch with us: (PGP)

The Resources can serve as an initial publication platform for content that meets our inclusion criteria. If you are working on a project related to surveillance or security and would like to publish it through the No Trace Project, please contact us.

Inclusion criteria

To be included in our database, a resource should meet the following criteria:

The database does not aim to be comprehensive, i.e. to include everything that meets the above criteria. In particular, for topics for which many resources could meet the criteria, only the best resources are included so as not to clutter the database with too many entries.


To coordinate translations across the No Trace Project, we use the Weblate collaborative localization platform. To translate the Resources into a new language, or to improve an existing translation, register an account on the Weblate instance used by the No Trace Project (you will need an email address) and follow the instructions. All languages are welcome.